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House of Bohemian by WILD MOON

Walking into House of Bohemian by Wild Moon. is like waking up in an enchanted boho wonderland. We spin our daydreams into a mystical collection of beauty, magic & truth. Our mixology includes sumptuous designer styles mixed with exotic imports & mingled with charming gypsy treasures. Along with our Luxe Line WILD MOON designed and created by owner Jules.

I love beautiful things and everyday little luxuries.  It is my desire to capture a feeling and then translate that feeling into a garment, an adornment or a bauble that delights me.  This is what you will find here, things that bring me joy to create and curate.  I offer them to you with a sweet little desire for your joy!  

Everywhere you look in our boutique, some special little piece or bauble is whispering to your soul. We intend to delight & inspire!

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